In recent months, Nintendo has become increasingly aggressive when it comes to threatening legal action over potential copyright violations. Shortly after they cracked down on two major ROM sites, Emuparadise removed all of its ROMS and ISOs, likely to prevent a similar fate. Just weeks later, Nintendo is on the move once again, this time against Pokémon-related software.

Pokémon Essentials is a game kit that can be used in tandem with RPG Maker to create custom Pokémon adventures. Although the software itself is 11 years old, it may have come under scrutiny due to the fact that it was used to build the fan game Pokémon Uranium. The game was later removed due to pressure from Nintendo, and all development ceased after the developers were allegedly threatened with a lawsuit in the hundreds of thousands of dollars by Nintendo.

Whatever the reason, Nintendo has decided to put an end to Pokémon Essentials. Recently, download links for the kit vanished, and the official wiki was shut down. PokéCommunity’s Marin announced that this was due to a copyright strike from Nintendo and warned that those materials could no longer be hosted on the website as a result. However, at this time, “All other scripts, tutorials, resources and games will still be allowed on PokéCommunity.

There are still numerous tools available for hacking Pokémon games. It’s unclear if Nintendo will attempt to take them down as well or if they’ll stick with taking down programs used to create original games using copyright IP. They have previously issued a cease and desist against ROM hack Pokémon Prism, so anything is possible.

Ben Lamoreux


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