In the recently released Tomodachi Collection: New Life, there
have been reports of a “bug” which allows male characters to marry one another.
This “bug” also provides male couples with the opportunity to have and raise

The Tomodachi Collection series is Japan’s equivalent to The Sims;
however it did not have the capability to create homosexual couples until the
most recent installment of the franchise.

Some Tomodachi Collection: New Life players are ecstatic from this new “bug,” and posting photos of their male couples online. Male Mii
characters have the ability to ask each other to go steady, bathe together, propose
marriage, go on honeymoons, and raise children. This apparent glitch does not apply to female
homosexual relations, but only to male couples. Despite many rumors that this feature is a bug that has yet to be patched by Nintendo, many
users purchased the game only after hearing about the possibility of homosexual

Nintendo has not yet confirmed whether or not this is
indeed a bug or a new feature. Either way, it has certainly made many people happy, especially after the fiasco with the marriage system in Fire Emblem Awakening.

What do you think about seeing gay couples in a life simulator? Do you think this was an active decision on Nintendo’s part, or do you think this really is some sort of glitch? If it is, do you hope Nintendo embraces this mistake and officially rectifies it as a new feature in the series’ upcoming installments? If not, how do you feel about Nintendo’s potential decision to include homosexual relationships?

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