Nintendo just had its biggest year since the height of Wii and DS mania, selling nearly $10 billion worth of merchandise and generating a $1.6 billion operating profit with around $1.3 billion in net profits. As you can imagine, this is great news for the publishing giant’s bank account.

Contrary to what doomsayers have shouted over the years, Nintendo wasn’t close to bankruptcy even when they reported three consecutive operating loses. During Nintendo’s toughest recent years, they still had a financial safety net that hovered at around the $4.5 billion mark. Now that the company is pulling in the big bucks again, that number has surged.

Nintendo’s latest financial report places their cash and deposits at ¥744,555 million. When translated to US currency, that comes out to over $6.8 billion. When you factor in all of the company’s other assets and investments, their total comes out to a whopping ¥1,633,748 million, which is just under $15 billion.

Source: Nintendo

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