A couple of weeks back we learned that Xbox boss Phil Spencer is re-thinking his company’s parity clause. Under this rule, independent developers looking to release their game on Xbox One cannot release on another platform first; it has to hit Xbox first (including a simultaneous multiplatform release) or not at all. Understandably this stance has caused some controversy, so Microsoft may end up ditching it in time. Meanwhile, Nintendo’s Ed Valiente recently spoke at the Italian Game Developers Summit and assured attendees that this and other restrictive policies are not present on Nintendo platforms.

There is no exclusivity or parity clause. We understand that small teams can’t work on multiple platforms at once. If you want to release on other platforms first, we’re happy for you to bring it to the platform when you’re ready. Of course, we’d like it on ours at the same time but it’s not a dealbreaker. — Ed Valiente

Valiente fielded other questions, including the rules regarding sales on eShop. Aspiring indie developers will be happy to know there are none! Any developer on a Nintendo platform can choose when they want to put their game on sale, as well as picking their own price point. Valiente also reconfirmed Nintendo’s decision to remove the rule that stated indie developers need to have a physical office to release on eShop (which you can learn more about by reading our interview with Nintendo’s ex-indie boss Dan Adelman), although that rule still exists in Japan alone.

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