A patent for a U-shaped gaming/fitness controller filed by Nintendo in 2014 was just made public. The controller features a D-pad and four action buttons, as well as acceleration, gyro, and temperature sensors. In addition to its many sensors, the device would also contain a load sensor, which would be able to sense the amount of force put into pushing the two ends together. The device, according to the patent, would require a “dedicated game system.”

While the whole patent, released via the World Intellectual Property Organization, is not available in English, parts of it have already been translated enough to give us an idea of what the device was meant to do. Below are some primary pieces of the patent, machine translated via NeoGAF.

A training implement (10) comprises a hollow body (12) formed from an aluminum alloy. The body is configured from two grips (12a) provided facing each other across a space, and a connecting section (12b) connecting the two grips. A load sensor (16) is disposed in the connecting section inside the body. The load sensor is a load cell, the strain gauge is bonded on the inside of the body, and the portion of the body to which the strain gauge is bonded functions as a strain element. Consequently, when a user applies force so as to bring the two grips towards each other or applies force so as to separate the two grips, the load thereof is detected by the load sensor.

Problems being solved by the device:

However, the detecting state of the background technology, and since it is used by sitting on person’s balance ball, it is possible to use a part of the training using balance ball, it is difficult for expanding the width of the training

The game device in which a motion of the background technology, since the controller is connected to the specific game, it is necessary to prepare a dedicated game system capable of communicating with the game controller. Also, for the purpose of using a dedicated game system, to solve the problem that a place limited in the game system is provided with an exclusive space for performing training

The main object of the present invention is to provide a novel training equipment, training system and an input device.

According to some of the attached images, the load sensor appears to be a key feature of the device, letting it be used similar to a grip strength test, possibly for stress or vital info gathering. Also featured in the pictures are some other devices that could have been additional products or prototype versions of the final product. All in all, a pretty interesting patent. It makes you wonder what Nintendo could have done, or will do, with such a device.

Source: NeoGAF

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