Nintendo just released all of its financial and sales data from the past year, revealing incredible sales numbers for Nintendo Switch itself, as well as games like Breath of the Wild and Super Mario Odyssey. Switch’s numbers are impressive, but it wasn’t the only Nintendo hardware pulling in big numbers last year. According to Nintendo’s latest figures, the Super NES Classic Edition has sold over 5 million units.

The original NES Classic Edition was immensely popular when it launched in 2016, and Nintendo struggled mightily to keep up with demand. The stocking stuffer moved 2.3 million units before being discontinued (although Nintendo has since promised to bring it back this year), but it could have sold a lot more if it wasn’t so hard to find. As such, Nintendo promised to make sure the SNES Classic was not in such short supply.

The fact that the Super NES Classic Edition has now officially sold 5.28 million units shows that Nintendo at least attempted to keep their promise, shipping over twice as many SNES units as NES. Unfortunately, the demand still greatly outweighed the supply, and the SNES Classic has been consistently sold out all over the place. Nintendo has clearly struck gold with these plug-and-play mini consoles.

Source: Nintendo

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