Splatoon remains the gift that keeps on giving. Kids and squids alike are eagerly awaiting the game’s next update, which is arriving tomorrow. Eight new weapons will become available, and Nintendo has taken to its Tumblr page to detail two of them: the Soda Slosher and the Bambloozer 14, Mk III. Although these sound like twists on current weapons, it’s still exciting that Nintendo is adding more variety almost a year after Splatoon‘s launch.

The Soda Slosher is based on a regular ol’ Slosher, but with some adjustments to the setup. Splat Bombs support the basic strategy, and the addition of the Inkzooka provides ranged power lacking in other models. And the bucket colors are pretty sweet too. Just sayin’.

According to Sheldon, this set REDEFINES what it means to be a Bamboozler! Do you think you’re ready? The Bamboozler 14 Mk III takes the Mk I and swaps out the barrel for a different bamboo pipe. This set’s selling point is how the main weapon and the Burst Bombs can really hammer your opponent! That’s not to mention the Inkstrike, which can make life difficult for even far-off enemies.

Source: Nintendo

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