During E3, Nintendo unveiled a new multiplayer Zelda game called The Legend of Zelda: Tri Force Heroes. As a spin-off title, many dedicated Zelda fans want to know if it’s part of the Zelda timeline. A Nintendo of Canada rep previously stated that Tri Force Heroes is not part of the timeline, but that might not be the case. According to Hiromasa Shikata, the director of the game, the game currently does not have a timeline placement, but it’s not necessarily outside the timeline. The Zelda series has three parallel timelines, and Shikata’s team has not decided which one Tri Force Heroes belongs to.

Game Informer: Where does Triforce Heroes take place in the Zelda timeline?

Shikata: That’s a tough question. The Zelda timeline is quite complicated if you look at the history of Zelda I think you can see there are three branches. I can’t really designate which one of those branches we’re looking at, but as far as the design itself, it really is Link Between Worlds. But it’s not – as far as a timeframe – before or after. We haven’t really settled on or said that.

Game Informer: Does it take place in the same universe or world as A Link Between Worlds?

Shikata: Again, with the history of Zelda we have these three parallel worlds. I can’t say which one it’s in at this point.

Given the nature of the game, its plot will not likely be very relevant to the overall story and chronology of the Zelda series. It looks like we’ll have to wait for Zelda on Wii U to get deeper into the lore of Hyrule.

Source: Game Informer

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