I’m not sure what the bigger story is here. That Smash may be back at Evo, or that it is even a question that Nintendo might not allow it. For those who aren’t aware, Nintendo initially pulled Smash out of Evo last year after fans raised enough money to support its inclusion, only to shortly do a 180 and allow it to be included, after seeing so much of the fan outcry. To this day, Melee remains one of the most popular fighting games at events like Evo and seems to be the one fighter game that professional players actually look forward to competing with (remember, for most this sort of stuff is a job for them).

As the story goes this year, it is currently not included in the initial lineup but Evo is having conversations with Nintendo to allow it. If Nintendo doesn’t allow it, it would be another PR blow that they honestly don’t need right now. There is really no logical reason to not include a game you no longer sell, and all it does is create positive Nintendo vibes. It could be, though, that Nintendo may want to hash out a contract deal and possibly try to get their next Smash Bros. game included in future events. That’s assuming players even want to professionally compete with it, given they don’t with Brawl. Either way, we’ll keep you updated if and when we get some clarification.

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