Virtual reality is the hottest trend in the industry right now, with major companies like Oculus VR, Valve, and Sony all working on tech that will immerse players into exciting new virtual worlds. Nintendo, however, has not joined in on this trend. Nintendo of America President Reggie Fils-Aime has spoken about this recently, stating that virtual reality isn’t fun yet, but that doesn’t mean Nintendo is disinterested. Instead, as he explained to GameSpot, they are keeping an eye on how the situation evolves. In particular, Reggie feels that virtual reality must be inherently fun and social. Here are his thoughts:

“Look, our industry loves to focus on the shiny new thing, and right now the shiny new thing is virtual reality. Last year at E3, I was fortunate enough to experience all of the various executions, I’ve continued to stay close and Nintendo as a company has continued to stay close to how this technology is evolving. From a consumer standpoint, it needs to be fun and the experience needs to be something that is a real ‘wow’ experience. My own personal point-of-view is that I also believe that our content is inherently social, so I think in some way this has to be a social experience as well. When those interconnect, something that is inherently fun and something that is inherently sociable and shareable, is I think when this technology will take off. And, I haven’t had a chance to see what’s here, but when those concepts connect, it’ll be a movement.”
— Reggie Fils-Aime

Is virtual reality an area that you’d like to see Nintendo tackle, or are they wise to play the waiting game? How important are social features to virtual reality? Leave your thoughts in the comments!

Source: GameSpot

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