Game developers tend to focus a lot of their effort on creating fun online multiplayer experiences, which is understandable given how popular online gaming is. However, in Nintendo’s third quarter financial briefing, the company stated that it is looking to start heavily promoting local multiplayer after seeing how handheld games in Japan have benefited from it. They are hoping that by pushing local multiplayer they will be able to expand the reach of their handheld systems.

Here is what was said in the financial briefing:

“We are also planning to further promote multiplayer Local Play in order to further accelerate the expansion of Nintendo 3DS in overseas markets.
During the popularization process of handheld gaming systems in Japan, multiplayer Local Play has contributed greatly to the “Pok√©mon,” “Monster Hunter” and “YOKAI WATCH” franchises.
We believe that multiplayer Local Play has played such a significant role in the expansion of handheld gaming systems for a variety of reasons: it creates a fun environment where users teach one another, games that are actually really fun to play tend to spread by word-of-mouth and for the experience of the super-stable 3D feature of New Nintendo 3DS, seeing is truly believing.” — Nintendo

I’m personally looking forward to seeing how they go about pushing local multiplayer into a generation that has become so used to online connectivity. What are your thoughts on the subject? Feel free to share them in the comment section below!

Source: Nintendo

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