Ever since they launched, if you had purchased a downloadable game for Nintendo 3DS or Wii U from an online retailer, you would have to open up the system’s eShop, enter the download code, and wait for it to finish. But beginning soon (possibly this very moment, even) you will be able to download it right away.

When purchasing a digital copy of the game through an online retailer, you will now be able to enter your Nintendo Network ID at the checkout page, and your 3DS or Wii U will automatically download the game via SpotPass when the transaction is complete. Talk about convenient!

“Along with enhancing convenience, we are working on expanding the area of contact between consumers and digital content to make game purchases easier and more convenient. For example, other than access from PCs, We have made access from smart devices possible as well.

… In addition, we are continuing our approach on enhancing convenience for consumers who have purchased the download version of a game. Until now, consumers were required to turn on the game platform and enter the download code at Nintendo e-Shop to play the download version of a game purchased at an online shop, which created a usability issue. From now, by entering the Nintendo Network ID (NNID) and password at the time of purchase at an online shop, the game will be automatically downloaded through the SpotPass feature, without requiring consumers to enter the download code at Nintendo e-Shop on Wii U or Nintendo 3DS. This function makes possible, for example, purchasing a game at an online shop while being away from home, and enjoying the game soon after arriving home, without having to wait for the game to be downloaded, which would be completed by then. This function is available at Rakuten Books and yodobashi.com starting today, and it will be available at other online shops, including Amazon, in future.

This automatic distribution system has also been implemented for digital sales at nintendo.com in the U.S, as introduced earlier. By clicking on the orange button and entering your NNID and password at the time of purchase, automatic distribution is made possible. Then, the game is automatically downloaded through the SpotPass feature after purchase, without requiring the consumer to enter the download code at the Nintendo e-Shop on the game platform.” — Satoru Iwata

This will be an extremely useful tool for anyone trying to purchase a game from their smartphone on the go. It sounds like it’s available right now, so I’m eager to see just how much easier it is to download eShop games in the future! What do you think of this new service?

Source: Nintendo

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