Nintendo Switch had a record-breaking first year on the market, and it owes a lot of that success to its dual nature as a handheld and home console. Even so, the $300 price tag is a bit too much for some potential customers, and many have suggested that Nintendo should release a cheaper, handheld-only version. Nintendo hasn’t announced any plans for a new model at this time, but they have just taken a step in the direction of treating Switch as a handheld, at least in Japan.

On the official Nintendo website you can now buy a cheaper Nintendo Switch set that doesn’t include the dock. Nintendo is marketing this as a “second set” for people who already own a Switch with a dock. As such, this set does not include an HDMI cable, an AC adapter or a Joy-Con Grip. The trade-off for these sacrifices is a significant drop in price from ¥32,378 (approximately $293) to ¥26,978 (approximately $244).

So far this dock-free version of Switch is only available in Japan. E3 is just a few weeks away, so if Nintendo decides to offer this option worldwide they could potentially announce those plans next month.

Source: Nintendo (via Japanese Nintendo)

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