After nearly two years of activity, Nintendo has sadly revealed that they will soon be discontinuing Miitomo in a few months. The app suspended the sale of Miitomo coins last night following the announcement, and Nintendo will end its service on May 9, 2018 at 12:00 AM Pacific.

Miitomo will be going out in style, however, with daily login bonuses dropping 2000 coins and five game tickets, Miitomo memories-centric Answer Central questions, and a final Miifoto event. These will all last up until the app’s termination.

Come D-day, the following changes to the
Miitomo app will occur:

  • If you launch the app after the end of service on 5/9, you’ll see a message informing you that service has ended. You will no longer be able to use any of the app’s features.
  • You will no longer be able to see your answers or messages in the app.
  • You will no longer be able to use items you’ve obtained in the app, such as clothing items, wallpapers, or posters.
  • You can transfer your Mii™ character to your Nintendo Account by linking it to Miitomo. (Its personality and other information will not be carried over.)
  • Sidekick Mii characters will be deleted. You can keep Sidekick Mii characters by saving them as a QR Code® before the end of service on 5/9/2018 12:00 AM (PDT). They can then be transferred to Mii Maker on the Nintendo 3DS™ family of systems or the Wii U™ console.
  • You will not be able to view Miifotos, including Miifotos you have shared to your social media channels. If you want to save any Miifotos, you must save them to your smart device before 5/9/2018 12:00 AM (PDT).
  • Miitomo- themed icons and clothing items used in your Nintendo Account or the Super Mario Run™ game will not display after the service has ended.

Nintendo’s support page has since been updated with a Q&A regarding
Miitomo‘s closure with additional information. Platinum Coins earned from the service can still be used past the end date to redeem for rewards on My Nintendo, and unspent Miitomo coins in-app will not be refunded, as Nintendo “[announced] the discontinuation of service well in advance so people can use any remaining game tickets or Miitomo Coins.” As for why the service is being terminated, the support page answered with the following:

“We see this app as accomplishing a portion of our goal of getting Nintendo IP (in this case, Mii characters) into the hands of consumers across a variety of environments worldwide. At the same time, we’ve seen the number of ongoing users for the app decrease.

“We have decided to discontinue this service so that we can better optimize our operational resources across our entire smart device business.”
— Nintendo

Miitomo social service was the first joint mobile venture for Nintendo and DeNA, having launched worldwide in March 2016 for iOS and Android devices. The app was then followed by the highly anticipated Super Mario Run, a mobile game released on iOS before Christmas that same year.

What feature did you enjoy most in
Miitomo? Are you sad the app will be closing soon? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below.

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