Oh yeah. Nintendo Land is a real thing now, guys.

Rejoice! Nintendo and Universal Parks & Resorts have announced a partnership that will bring Nintendo characters and properties to Universal theme parks around the world. Rides, games, food. Anything is possible! Universal has parks in Los Angeles, Orlando, Osaka, and Singapore, and any number of these areas could see additional attractions from Nintendo. Osaka makes sense, since it is located in Japan and that park has seen success with properties such as
Resident Evil and Attack on Titan. Orlando’s park is undergoing major renovations right now, so we’ll likely see Nintendo attractions pop up there, too.

What kind of rides do you want to see? What franchises do you want represented? If I don’t get my Star Fox dogfighting then I am going to be very upset. Or my Rainbow Road roller coaster. Just give it to me. Give it all to me.

Source: Business Wire

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