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Nintendo Labo Gets a New Vehicle Kit


Early this year Nintendo caught everyone off guard with the reveal of Nintendo Labo—a series of cardboard peripherals you construct yourself to work in tandem with Nintendo mini-games. Nintendo initially launched Labo in two sets: the Variety Kit and the Robot Kit. They’ve hinted in the past that more sets are on the way, and last night they officially revealed a third.

The next addition to the Nintendo Labo lineup is the Vehicle Kit. This new bundle of cardboard contains everything you need to construct a setup that simulates driving a car, navigating the ocean in a submarine, and piloting a plane through “a mysterious world full of challenges.” Here’s Nintendo’s description of what you can expect:

“Nintendo Labo: Vehicle Kit will unlock even more ways for people to make, play and discover together, as they speed through races, battle cars equipped with extendable arms and explore a mysterious world. Each vehicle features its own controls and special moves, and with the second Key, players can even invite a co-pilot along on their in-game journey. Interacting with the assembled Toy-Con creations instantly translates into in-game actions to create a truly immersive experience – from pulling the cord on the Car to pop a wheelie, pushing the button on the Submarine to launch a grappling hook and so much more.

“As with every Nintendo Labo kit, Nintendo Labo: Vehicle Kit includes its own unique Nintendo Switch software designed to work with the included Toy-Con projects. Enjoy the fun of making each Toy-Con creation, playing immersive games with them, discovering how they work and even inventing new ways to play. All materials needed to complete each Toy-Con creations are included – no glue, tape, or scissors required!”

The Nintendo Labo Vehicle Kit launches worldwide on September 14th. If you’d like to pick one up yourself, it’ll cost you $69.99. You can purchase it on the official Nintendo Labo website.

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