Nintendo once went 14 years without a new Donkey Kong Country game, but the franchise was revived by Retro Studios’ smash hit Donkey Kong Country Returns. The Country revival continued a few years later with a sequel, Tropical Freeze, which will soon be launching on Switch with a new game mode. After Tropical Freeze, can we expect more Donkey Kong going forward?

According to a cryptic Instagram post from an official Nintendo account, we could be in for an announcement soon. The official Nintendo Switch Instagram account in Italy recently posted a picture of Donkey Kong with some bananas and a captain that reads “non c’รจ due senza tre,” which roughly translates to “there’s no two without three.”

Nintendo has released two new Donkey Kong games in the style of the classic Country series so far, and it’s been four years since the debut of Tropical Freeze. That’s roughly the same amount of time in between the release of Returns and Tropical Freeze. Could we be getting a third entry later this year? Hopefully we’ll find out more at E3 or before. In the meantime, the post in question has since been removed by Nintendo.

Source: Reddit

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