Super Mario Maker, which launches this September, lets Wii U owners design, play, and share their own custom Super Mario Bros. levels. Before you can upload a custom level, you have to clear it yourself. After you’ve uploaded a level, it will receive a difficulty rating based on how many times it’s been played and how many times it’s been cleared. However, that’s not the only way that level difficulty will be determined.

Nintendo recently
announced a partnership with Facebook to promote Super Mario Maker with a Hackathon event. Facebook employees created over forty levels, and one even got their level in the game. In covering the event, Engadget revealed that when the game launches in full, there will be Nintendo moderators vetting each level to test its difficulty before it becomes available for the general public.

The only real rule — and this is true for the consumer version of Super Mario Maker as well — is that you need to be able to beat the level in order to submit it. In the regular game, the user-created levels are also vetted by Nintendo moderators to determine level difficulty before it’s available for anyone to download. You can also share specific levels with friends by giving them a code.

Are you glad that Nintendo is moderating the user-created content before making it available to the public? How do you think level difficulty should be rated? Sound off in the comments!

Source: Engadget

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