After seven years and over 100 million units sold, Nintendo’s most successful home console has now been officially discontinued in its home nation of Japan. Nintendo of Japan confirmed via their official website that the Wii will cease distribution. This makes sense as the Wii U has been out worldwide for almost a year and perhaps the unavailability of the Wii will steer potential consumers into purchasing the new console instead.

Regardless of the reasoning for the choice to discontinue the Wii, this likely means we will see it disappear worldwide sometime in the coming months. So if you are planning to purchase a Wii, get out there now while they are still available.

The Wii was a huge success in its long run for Nintendo, selling over 100 million units globally and coming as the fifth best selling video game platform of all time. Software sales for the Wii put it at third with just over 900 million.

How do you feel about the Wii’s run finally coming to an end? Do you think that the Wii U will ever come close to the Wii’s sales numbers? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: Nintendo

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