Nintendo doesn’t plan to launch a traditional Virtual Console on Switch, which has left many fans wondering how they’ll distribute their classic games this generation. Some NES games are now available to Nintendo Switch Online subscribers, and there’s been some indication that Super Nintendo games will eventually follow, but what about the Game Boy? A recently discovered patent may hold the answers.

As discovered by Siliconera, Nintendo filed a rather interesting patent in the United States back in March. The patent details an accessory that would fit around your smartphone (or potentially other touchscreen devices) in order to transform it into a makeshift Game Boy. A casing would snap shut around your phone, and a hole in the casing allows your phone’s screen to simulate the Game Boy’s screen.

The traditional button layout is all present: D-pad, A button, B button, Start, and Select. The casing is designed so that your phone can sense you pressing a button and respond accordingly. Could Nintendo be planning to release emulated Game Boy games on smart devices in an official capacity? It’s been seven months since the patent was filed and there’s no word of any such plans yet, but the option is there for Nintendo.

Source: United States Patent and Trademark Office

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