Nintendo isn’t showing the most impressive video game sales numbers. To combat lacking profits, Nintendo is planning to expand beyond the medium of gaming to form a safety net for the company.

In a recent fiscal meeting, the Big N stated that they were not “pessimistic” about video games, but wanted to expand beyond the business to form other pillars. These other pillars will keep Nintendo stable as the company moves into the future. The aim is to become “more of an entertainment company” according to senior research analyst David Gibson. Considering Nintendo’s plans to aggressively develop and market their mysterious Quality of Life product, it seems like the Big N wants to take a step away from gaming for a bit to search for opportunities in other fields. But wait! Don’t worry! That step back from video games doesn’t mean Nintendo is leaving the industry.

How much will Nintendo expand beyond video games? What do they mean by an “entertainment company?” Only time will tell.

Source: Twitter

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