As always, we break down the most recent week of news, Project Ukulele‘s official reveal, new development insight from Aonuma behind Majora’s Mask 3D, the potential return of the Happy Mask Salesman, and the launches of Code Name: S.T.E.A.M. and Mario Party 10!

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This week has three segments, and thus features two pieces of break music. The first, the introduction to ”
Banjo-Kazooie Symphony,” can be found here. The second, an orchestrated rendition of “Sky Garden,” from the Mario Kart series, can be found right here.

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Colin McIsaac
I first played Donkey Kong Country before even turning three years old, and have since grown into an avid gamer and passionate Nintendo fan. I started working at Zelda Informer in August 2012, and helped found Gamnesia, which launched on February 1, 2013. Outside of the journalism game, I'm an invested musician who loves arranging music from video games and other media. If you care to follow my endeavors, you can check out my channel here: I was rummaging through some things a while back and found my first grade report card. My teacher said, "Oddly enough, Colin doesn't like to write unless it's about computers or computer-type games. In his journal he likes to write about what level he is on in 'Mario Land,' but he doesn't often write about much else." I was pretty amused, given where I am today. Also I have a dog, and he's a pretty cool guy. I don't care for elephants much. I suppose they're okay. You've read plenty now; carry on.


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