Nintendo is always working on their next products, like most tech companies. However, many people are rushing Nintendo to hit the reset button on their console business and launch new hardware as soon as possible to overcome the problems of the Wii U. Others feel its unfair to Wii U owners to abandon the console. With lacking sales becoming a continuous issue, the debate grows stronger by the day.

In a recent fiscal meeting, Nintendo acknowledged that it is currently developing next generation hardware; however, company leader Satoru Iwata proclaimed a release window is difficult to declare. He went on to state that Nintendo was not at a creative dead-end for new hardware, but, rather, that the company wants to satisfy existing users before moving on.

Personally, I’m happy that Nintendo is putting the consumer first here. I’d like to say I got my money’s worth on my Wii U before I call it quits on the console. What about you? What’s in store for Nintendo in the next generation? Sound off in the comments.

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