It seems that Mario and company want to get in on the Halloween spirit, as Nintendo has just released official stencils for you to use when carving your pumpkins. The stencils depict Bowser’s face, a Boo, and a Shy Guy.

To use these, simply save the image of the stencil you want, then print it out (or draw it if you’re feeling artistic) as large as you want. Place the stencil on the surface of the pumpkin and use a sharp tool such as a cocktail stick or pencil to punch holes along the lines on the paper. When you lift the stencil off, you should be able to use the holes as guides when cutting out the segments. Obviously, you need to cut out the parts that are black on the stencil, otherwise some pieces will be unsupported and will fall out.

Source: Facebook

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Sean Ayres
Everything looks so much cooler in my mind.


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