Ever since Nintendo’s Wii U was announced, there have been critics
and average gamers who have verbally put the console down and have
regarded it as a bad decision by Nintendo, or at least the non preferred
route for Nintendo. However, the Wii U has proven to sell and
the games that have seen release since its own launch have helped
tremendously. The console has always seemed appealing, at least to me,
and there are many who will defend the Wii U’s reputation and
standing among media and society.

Unfortunately, it’s not opinions that ultimately matter; rather, it’s the financial income
that the console rakes in. In
a press conference in Osaka
explaining Nintendo’s earnings, President Satoru Iwata spoke and gave a
statement that the company has been voicing for a while now.

Many who were at the press conference believed that if Nintendo decided to create Mario, Legend of Zelda, and Pok√©mon games for smartphones and tablets, it might double or even triple their share price and improve the company’s standing as a whole. In the past, however, and still standing, Iwata firmly believes that putting such prized flagships onto smartphones and tablets would belittle their value and cause the exact opposite effect, diminishing Nintendo’s overall value.

Iwata believes that in the coming holiday season, new games being released for the Wii U will immensely boost the console’s sales and the company’s own income as well.

“One game has the power to change everything. Are we satisfied with these sales results? No. Is it impossible to recover from this? No.” — Satoru Iwata

While one can argue that being stubborn about not releasing major franchise games for smartphones or tables is a poor decision on Nintendo’s part, their tenacity should definitely be considered and commended. Nintendo certainly has seen better days, but no one can truly assume that there aren’t any better days coming their way. Who knows? Perhaps this coming holiday season, the Wii U really will shine in the eyes of consumers and Nintendo will see that financial turnaround.

So what are your thoughts on the argument? Should Nintendo move their valued franchises to smartphones and tablets? Leave a comment down below and voice your opinion!

Source: 4-traders

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