Splatoon is promising a new take on shooter multiplayers, but let’s not ignore the game’s single player mode either. The kiddish and mischievous art style perfectly complements a stand-alone mission for players. Nintendo has revealed a few more details about the game’s single player mode, dubbed “Hero mode.” That’s right, Zelda fans. “Hero mode.”

Concerning the game’s hub world, each stage can be entered through a tea kettle from the area. The setting is a modern city, complete with telephone poles and rails. And there’s a gigantic octopus building hovering around the area.

The objective of hero mode involves hunting for energy sources which have been snatched by octopuses. There is exclusive equipment to single player. The amount of tentacles each enemy has represents the creature’s overall strength. And they all have different powers too! Octolings move in groups. Divers can dive into paint. Octocopters float in midair so they are difficult to shoot down. Octopus balls have only one eye (spooky!) and they spread ink by rolling around. The Octopus robot is a walking missile. Not quite sure how that works, but it sounds cool.

The protagonist gets some powers too. “Jump point” involves super powered jumping to ease maneuverability. “Propeller lift” involves shooting fans to move lifts. And “Ink rail” allows players to access areas that were out of reach in human and squid form.

Splatoon is making a splash on the Wii U soon. Get ready. I’m already aiming at you. Punk.

Source: Famitsu

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