The Nintendo Entertainment System made its Western debut in 1985 (following the launch of the Famicom in Japan) and has gone on to sell over 60 million units since then. One thing those millions of players haven’t been able to come to a complete agreement on over all these years is the correct pronunciation of those three letters. Today, that question is officially answered.

WarioWare Gold recently launched on Nintendo 3DS, and the game’s museum section contains images and descriptions of the NES and Famicom, at least in Japan. The description for the NES includes an official pronunciation for the console. So what’s the ruling? According to Nintendo, the classic console is to be pronounced “Ness.”

This shouldn’t be too shocking of a revelation given that the main character of EarthBound was named this in an obvious nod to the console, but you’d be surprised. Eurogamer’s discovery has sparked an uproar in the comments section, with fans declaring that Nintendo is “wrong” about their own console’s official name. Many believe that it should be pronounced as either “Nez” or “En ee ess,” with each letter read individually. Nintendo disagrees.

Source: Eurogamer

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