Nintendo has a PR nightmare on their hands in Russia right now. Yasha Haddaji, Nintendo’s top executive in the region, has grown increasingly unpopular in recent months as Nintendo Russia has stopped selling Pokémon trading cards and ordered very few copies of Pokémon: Let’s Go, Eevee, choosing to stock only the Pikachu version adequately.

The last straw for many fans came during a recent livestream event, where Haddaji can be seen insulting and swearing at his employees, as well as threatening to fire them. The stream suffered from various technical difficulties, and Haddaji seemed unaware at times that he was live on camera, despite several employees stating it out loud. In a mix of Russian (with subtitles provided by concerned fans) and English, Haddaji can be heard berating employees who look incredibly uncomfortable.

Haddaji deleted the footage when he realized what had happened, but the social media platform they were streaming on archives recent content, so he was unable to scrub away its existence completely. Russian fans have been circulating this video in hopes that Nintendo will take action and replace Haddaji with someone more competent and level-headed. Your move, Nintendo.

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