The most recent sales data from Nintendo has shown a noticeable increase in the past week or two in Japan. Topping the charts is the new 3DS title Puzzle & Dragons Z, which sold 540,000 copies. Likewise, the popular Wii U title Super Mario 3D World has moved 58,000 copies (Hopefully one of which will end up under my Christmas tree in a few days…). With the slow sales of the Wii U, it’s good news for the company that more people are buying their games and systems. Speaking of the Wii U, that console is up in sales this week as well.

The Wii U sold 75,000 units last week, and each week the sales keep seeming to climb. Other impressive sales figures from last week include Pokémon X and Y, which together sold 159,244 units. Monster Hunter 4 sold 27,921 units, and Animal Crossing: New Leaf sold 26,409 units. This data, combined with the fact that Nintendo 3DS sales jumped last week to 130,710 units, shows that Nintendo is still very much in the game. It appears that all of this data is relevant to Japanese sales, though—not worldwide. It should also be noted that these sales are just in the past week or so, not lifetime sales (Pokémon X and Y, for example, have moved about 3.3 million units since their release in October).

Do you hope to receive any of the above mentioned games or systems for the holidays? Do these numbers look good, or should Nintendo be doing better for this time of year? Let us know in the comments!

Source: My Nintendo News

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