Nintendo has finally taken its first steps into the mobile market with Miitomo, a social app centered around Nintendo’s iconic Mii characters. With Miitomo, you can customize your Mii, share photographs, learn more about your friends, rack up My Nintendo Platinum Points, and more. If you’re enjoying Miitomo but wish there was a little more depth to it, we’ve got some good news.

Speaking with IGN, Nintendo product marketing manager Bill Trinen explained that Nintendo sees
Miitomo in its current form as “just the initial release.” Nintendo has long term ideas for updates to keep Miitomo fun, and they’ll also be looking at how people are currently interacting with Miitomo.

“Our development team is looking at it very much as just the initial release. They do have plans to continue to update. They’ll probably start by looking at how people are playing with Miitomo and how they’re interacting with it. But I think they’re looking at a couple of different ways that Miitomo will grow over time.

“Certainly some of the updates are the addition of new outfits or new versions of the Miitomo drop mini-game, which you play using game tickets. You can even see, on the simpler side, updates to the questions you’re asked. But I also think they’re going to be looking longer term at the opportunity to do bigger updates that might add in new features and expand the experience.”
— Bill Trinen

This echoes Trinen’s statements from two weeks ago when he stated that Miitomo will evolve over time. Since Nintendo first announced their plans to enter the mobile market, they’ve talked about treating their apps like a service that grows over time. What updates would you like to see come to Miitomo?

Source: IGN

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