Within the world of digital entertainment, there seem to be events
that define a generation. Chief among these are the infamous console
wars, the kind of things that can cause millions of playground
accusations and adult arguments. However, within the last 15 years,
these battles of digital giants have never reached the same storied
height as one of the first: the Nintendo vs. SEGA battle for the hearts
of millions. With advertising campaigns insulting the other company,
buy-outs for third party companies, absurd amounts of marketing, and a
fired-up child audience, this war was violent and definitive

general, important events in history have at least one book or movie
made about them. As revealed today, this legendary conflict is no
Console Wars, written by Blake Harris, is a chronicle
of the events in the SEGA-Nintendo console war. Even more interesting,
however, is that Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg (along with quite a few
other employees of Sony Pictures) are going to be turning said book into
a film. The potential is astounding, but the stakes are high: this is
both a niche subject and a touchy one, considering what fan reactions
would be if they got even a single event wrong.

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Source: SEGABits

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