Back in July, Zelda Informer shared the emotional story of a passionate Zelda fan named Corey Austen. Corey’s younger brother Matt suffered from epilepsy, and he tragically passed away in his sleep back in May. The two brothers were eagerly anticipating Nintendo’s E3 presentation on The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, making the event a bittersweet experience for Corey, who called the upcoming game “literally everything we had both hoped it would be.”

Corey instantly fell in love with
Breath of the Wild‘s open world, Sheikah technology, and variety of weapons, but one feature stood out above the rest. Scanning the Wolf Link Amiibo that was originally released for Twilight Princes HD unlocks Wolf Link as a companion in Breath of the Wild, and his health is based on Twilight Princess HD save data stored on the Amiibo.

“But there was one part that got me. The Wolf Link amiibo. When they revealed that the game data from Twilight Princess would be used in Breath of the Wild as a companion, I broke down. Right there. At my desk. It was so unreal. My brother and I could still play the new game. Together.”
— Corey Austen

The story gained enough attention that it even caught the eye of Nintendo. Touched by Corey’s words, Nintendo sent him a care package full of Breath of the Wild collectibles and a hand-written note expressing condolences.

Source: Reddit

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