One of the biggest questions surrounding Nintendo Switch Online has just been cleared up, and it’s good news. Nintendo Switch Online offers you the ability to make cloud backups of your saves, but Nintendo previously indicated that cloud saves are erased if the user’s subscription runs out. Players can still use their physical saves, of course, but what happens if you temporarily can’t afford to renew your subscription, and your physical saves are damaged in some way during this period?

This question has been tossed around since Nintendo Switch Online’s full reveal with no clear answer. At one point a Nintendo rep indicated that there would be some sort of grace period of “at least a week,” but this wasn’t confirmed by higher-ups at the time. Today we have our answer thanks to a Nintendo spokesperson who chatted with IGN.

As it turns out, Nintendo will hold onto your cloud saves for six months after your Nintendo Switch Online subscription has run out. During the period of time where you lack a subscription you won’t be able to access the cloud saves, but as long as you renew within six months they will become available to you once again. So if your physical save files are deleted or corrupted in some fashion, you can pay for one month of Nintendo Switch Online and restore to your last cloud save.

Source: IGN

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