It’s been just over a year since Nintendo Switch made its debut, and the hybrid console is selling at a record-breaking pace in numerous countries. According to the latest hardware numbers from Japan, courtesy of Famitsu, Switch moved another 52,000 units this week. This brings the young console’s lifetime total in its home country to 4,037,144 through 56 weeks on the market.

To put this in perspective, Wii is Nintendo’s all-time best-selling console, and it broke 4 million sales in Japan in 54 weeks. If Switch can keep up this pace, it should be an extreme success for Nintendo. Although it’s no longer on a record-setting pace specifically in Japan, Switch is breaking records in numerous countries. The United States, France, Spain, Canada, and Italy have all declared it their fastest-selling console of all time up to this point, and worldwide sales came in just under 15 million as of December 31st, 2017.

Source: Famitsu (via Reddit)

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