When the Switch launches next Friday, a number of features will be notably absent from the console. Among these are an internet browser, the ability to expand the system’s memory, and connecting to the eShop. While some of these are fixable with a day-one update, others won’t be implemented for some time yet. Such is the case with the Switch Virtual Console. According to an announcement from Nintendo this morning, “Virtual Console games will not be available on Nintendo Switch at launch. We will share more information in the future.”

Upon first unpacking your Switch, you may notice the lack of certain online features. While this may be a shock, all you need to do is update the system. The launch update will enable online features such as adding friends, social media integration, eShop access, and much more, along with the ability to use a Micro SD card to upgrade your storage space. Luckily, this update will download and install in the background, allowing you to game while you wait.

It’s also possible that this update may provide a solution to a problem with the Switch’s network connectivity as well. While the Switch will have no problem connecting to most networks, publicly accessible connections, such as those found at hotels, Starbucks, and McDonald’s, often require the user not only to connect to the network, but also to open a browser and agree to a number of terms and conditions. Since the Switch does not come with an internet browser at launch, it is impossible to access these contracts and therefore impossible to connect to such networks.

In the long run, it’s likely that a browser will make its way to the Switch at some point, rendering this problem moot. For the time being though, we can only hope that this update brings some sort of solution for those who need it.

Source: DualShockers (1, 2), Nintendo Everything

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