During a new Zelda themed “Developers Room Miiting,” an interview panel held to celebrate the release and popularity of Majora’s Mask 3D, MariChan, a Nintendo employee and lead interviewer for this event, called the Happy Mask Salesman “onto the stage.” Ecstatic to be interviewed, this infamous Zelda character jumped on in and answered all questions, giving the fans a bounty of new information and a teaser of his possible return in a new Zelda title.

While the Happy Mask Salesman’s interview answered questions pertaining to Aonuma’s favorite place in Majora’s Mask (Clock Town post office) and the changes between the original Majora’s Mask game and the remake, two pertinent details caught the eye of many dedicated Hylians. The attentive Zelda fans were quick to notice the revelation of the birth of the name “Majora” (Mujura in Japanese) and the Mask Salesman’s mention of possibly popping up in a new Zelda game.

It turns out that Majora’s name wasn’t in fact inspired from some ancient god of calamity, but rather from a mixture of two beloved and respected things:

In addition to this new information, “Mister Salesman” also closed off his interview with a little treat: mentioning his possible return in a future Zelda title, keeping the “mysteries intact“:

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Source: Miiverse

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