Many YouTubers were outraged when Nintendo decided to content-id all Nintendo game footage on YouTube and take all the income generated from it. For those that weren’t generating income, Nintendo forced ads on the content to monetize it which was the price that YouTuber paid to use copyrighted stuff. It appears Nintendo’s stance on this is about to rapidly change, and a big announcement about it at E3 2014 could be on the horizon.

According to Nintendo of Japan’s official Twitter account, Nintendo is aggressively building a Nintendo affiliate program for YouTube content providers where they would share revenue. This is huge, as new Nintendo content on YouTube from many of the big channels has come to a screeching halt—which shouldn’t be surprising. There are channels that create content for a living, so if they lose revenue on an entire video for a two second clip of a Nintendo game it doesn’t really make them want to do more Nintendo stuff.

An affiliate program is something that would likely match many other big YouTube entities that share revenue with their members while giving them greater exposure. We don’t know much else, but here is our rough translation of Nintendo’s two tweets on the matter:

“We’ve recently been content-IDing Nintendo game footage and music on YouTube by adding ads to various videos.”

“We are announcing our plan to share the revenue from these ads with the content creators with an aggressive affiliate program. We will have more details on this program at a later date. Thanks for understanding.” — Nintendo of Japan

This is both good news for many, but also bad news for some. The bad part mostly comes from assumptions, but people will worry that Nintendo will have too much control and could affect how the content is presented. Let’s say someone wants to show off glitches or give a bad review of a game; theoretically, since Nintendo controls the money flow, they could say that video won’t get a profit share. We don’t know that they will do this mind you, nor do we know what the requirements are to be in their affiliate program. Still, skepticism is understandable. What do you think?

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