Back in June Nintendo filed new GameCube-related trademarks that were categorized for video gaming purposes (as opposed to general merchandising), sparking speculation that perhaps GameCube titles could be on their way to Nintendo Switch. No official statement has been given on the matter since then, but today more recently-filed GameCube trademarks have surfaced in Japan, and there’s one detail in particular that’s a bit surprising.

The latest Nintendo paperwork to pop up involves the GameCube controller, and the trademark covers not only “Controller and joystick for home video game machine” (which makes sense given the launch of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate will cause an increase in GameCube controller demand), but also “Controllers for mobile phones.”

Does this mean GameCube titles are coming to mobile devices? Well, it’s really hard to say at this point. It’s entirely possible Nintendo is just protecting against third-party accessories. Earlier this year they also patented a case that turns your phone into a Game Boy, and after eight months they still haven’t announced any plans to release such an accessory. We’ll be keeping an eye on all of this to see if there are any further developments in the mobile space for Nintendo.

Source: J-Plat Pat (via Japanese Nintendo)

Ben Lamoreux


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