Nintendo’s E3 Direct wrapped up fairly quickly, but it was immediately followed up with the now annual Nintendo Treehouse livestream. While the Treehouse sometimes makes brand new announcements on their own, such as today’s reveal of Metroid: Samus Returns, more often they show off a ton of amazing gameplay from the titles we’re all wishing we could get our hands on. Easily one of the biggest titles coming later this year is Super Mario Odyssey, and the Treehouse recognized that by providing us a look at nearly an hour’s worth of content.

The Treehouse visited the world of Odyssey for two half-hour segments. In the first one, we got a closer look at the areas available on the E3 showroom floor, New Donk City and the Sand Kingdom, and saw new features of the game like its currency—coins can actually be used to buy stuff in this game!—and the Grand Moons, which seem to be the replacement of Power Stars and are used to power your hat-shaped ship, the appropriately-named “Odyssey.” They even took some time to battle one of the Brutals, the rabbit-like boss enemies that Mario will be encountering multiple times in his journey.

Our second trip took our favorite plumber to the world of the Wooded Kingdom, a realm inhabited by “robot watering cans” that are bemoaning the loss of their kingdom’s flowers to Bowser. This area gave us a much deeper look at Capture Targets, beings or objects that Mario can possess by throwing his hat Cappy at them, and the mechanics and rewards that can be unlocked by properly exploiting this new power. We also got to look inside the Odyssey ship and saw how Mario’s ability to change outfits can afford him access to new areas in the world.

You can check out both of these segments in the videos below! Are you excited for Super Mario Odyssey?

Source: Nintendo Treehouse Livestream at E3 2017

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