Affordable Space Adventures is yet another indie game making its way to Wii U. Nintendo was excited to show off some exclusive footage and give us all new details. What are you waiting for?

  • Yacht Club Games
  • probably not coming out this fall
  • Stealth game, 2D sidescroller puzzle game, control ship, GamePad is like cockpit of the ship
  • spaceship is self repairing
  • engine can alter your mass to sink/rise in water, shoot flare to hit buttons
  • flashlight to see in dark areas
  • stabilizer – makes ship “super stable” for precision flying, uses lots of electricity from engine
  • Scanner – can scan robots to see range of vision, GamePad will show what they scan for (some detect heat, need electric engine; some detect sound, require slow movement without much thrusters)
  • producing a lot of heat (using heat engine + increasing your mass, for instance) can set your ship on fire, can’t do it for long or you’ll explore
  • Multiplayer Demo – players control different aspects of the ship (flashlight, movement, engine types), must cooperate and trust each other to get ship through the levels
  • Overarching story – more at the start of the game, via tutorial messages; later levels focus mostly on puzzles
  • Some enemies are scared of light; will retreat if you shine flashlight on them
  • landing gear lets you pick up blocks and carry them elsewhere; can block lasers
  • can close heat vents to avoid producing heat; will burn you up if you don’t let the heat out soon, though

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Nathanial Rumphol-Janc
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