Back in April, Nintendo surprised us by announcing that Zelda U will be their only playable game at E3 2016. However, that doesn’t mean that all other games will be completely absent, and we received confirmation today that Pokémon will be making several appearances on Nintendo Treehouse Live @ E3.

Shortly after the release of a
new Pokémon Sun and Moon trailer, Nintendo has confirmed that we’ll receive new information and developer stories for the twin games on June 14th, the same day as Nintendo’s Zelda livestream. The following day, June 15th, there will be a Pokémon GO Q&A session, and we’re also getting an “E3 2016 Pokémon Special” on June 16th 2016, whatever that may be. Are you looking forward to finding out more about the seventh generation of Pokémon games? We’ll be covering all the exciting news as it breaks, so stay tuned to Gamnesia for E3 coverage!

Source: Serebii

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