Earlier this week, Nintendo tried to block Super Smash Bros. Melee from being streamed online from the Evo 2013 fighting game championships, and then quickly pulled an Xbone. Now it’s come to light that Nintendo tried to shut down the whole Smash section of the event entirely, according to an interview that OneMoreGameTV had with Evo co-founder Joey Cuellar. In the interview, Cuellar had this to say:

“It’s their IP, they can do whatever they want, and they didn’t present us with any options to keep it open, they were just ‘Hey, we want to shut you down.’ And we kinda wigwammed our way through it and they were fine with just shutting down the streaming portion of the event. And that was that. And we were not going to press any further. Its their IP, we respect Nintendo’s decision to protect their IP, and we were going to comply with the legal department completely. So at that point it was over.”

Cuellar also said that it wasn’t the folks at Evo who tried to change Nintendo’s decision; he thinks it was all thanks to the backlash from gamers: “It had to have been the bad PR they were getting, in conjunction with the power of the internet and seeing their Smash fans saying ‘We want to see this event. Can you please let us see it?’” He said that he and everyone at Evo is “super grateful” for Nintendo allowing them to play it.

Nintendo has every right to protect their IP from being used in any way they don’t want it to be, but as we all saw, many people were quite peeved by the move. This new revelation on the drama isn’t going to be winning Nintendo any brownie points. What are your thoughts on this? Do you think Nintendo’s been treated a little unfairly in this situation for doing what they had every right to do, or do you think they did the wrong thing by trying to block their game from being played at the tournament? Sound off in the comments!

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