Although the final Splatfest is nearly here, Nintendo is finding new ways to keep the Splatoon community involved. In the UK, Nintendo is holding The Summer of Splat, in which players can compete in the Great British Splat-Off. Each weekend between July 16th to August 7th, teams of four will compete in three different leagues.

The Squid Kid League is for younger plays and is in Turf War mode only. The Inkling League is also restricted to Turf Wars only, but is for beginners and casual players. The Octo League is more challenging and is open to all ages and levels featuring all game modes.

Each team will be randomly matched against another team, and the winners will be announced after the best of three matches. Nintendo is giving the most successful teams in each league the chance to attend the
Splatoon Fan Fest, which is on August 27th at the Gfinity Arena in London. The company is also holding an art competition on the Splatoon Facebook page to give fans the opportunity to win tickets to the Fan Fest. Nintendo will be selecting one winner each week to have their artwork displayed on the page and to receive an invitation to the event.

Splatoon Fan Fest will feature Splatoon-themed entertainment, matches, and the final judging of the cosplay and art competitions. Fans will also get the chance to pick up rare merchandise, exclusive artwork by Splatoon‘s Art Director, and the Splat Champ winner’s jacket.

If you’re in the UK, you can sign your team up for the
Great British Splat-Off now. The Splatoon Fan Fest will be streamed live from Nintendo UK’s Twitch channel, so be sure to check it out.

Source: Nintendo PR (via Nintendo Everything)

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