During Nintendo’s investor meeting today, CEO Satoru Iwata discussed the strong third-party support that 3DS is seeing in Japan. Games like Yokai Watch 2 and Monster Hunter 4 are selling millions in Japan, and Iwata says that there are more unannounced third-party games headed to 3DS this year as well.

However, many games are never localized outside of Japan, so support of 3DS in regions like North America and Europe isn’t nearly as strong as in Japan. Iwata hopes to change this in the future, and he aims to help Japanese publishers to promote their games overseas. Here’s what he had to say:

“In addition, in the domestic market, third-party software developers continue to be highly motivated to create software for Nintendo 3DS. As I said just a moment ago, some hit software titles from third parties have become double-million sellers, and there has been a constant stream of small-to-medium hit third-party software.

“As you can see, many titles that have already been announced are set for release and I have heard about the development plans for many more titles that have not been announced and hence are not shown here. I also think that assisting Japanese software publishers that have had success in the domestic market to promote their games overseas will create new possibilities.”
— Satoru Iwata

If Nintendo can help absorb some of the time and cost of promoting games, we could see more niche Japanese titles release in the West and quicker localization times. What games would you like to see launch globally?

Source: Nintendo

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