In an interview with US Gamer, Animal Crossing developer Aya Kyogoku spoke about the series’ focus on Amiibo in their two new games, Amiibo Festival and Happy Home Designer. In the interview, she reveals that there are no current plans to add Amiibo to New Leaf, but they hope that they will be able to integrate Amiibo into future Animal Crossing games.

Here’s the full quotation:

“So there are no current plans to add that back into New Leaf, but as a series, the Animal Crossing team is always thinking and planning what the next title might be. So once Happy Home Designer and Amiibo Festival come out, the development for the rest of the Animal Crossing series will continue. I’d definitely like to integrate the use of Amiibo cards and Amiibo into the series.” — Aya Kyogoku

You can read the full interview here. What do you think Amiibo could bring to a future Animal Crossing title? Let us know in the comments!

Source: US Gamer

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