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Nintendo Will Continue Focusing on Consoles, But They Now Recognize That Mobile is More Popular


Following the surprise reveal of Super Mario Run, legendary game designer Shigeru Miyamoto sat down with the Telegraph to discuss the game and Nintendo’s general approach for mobile. While the company is certainly showing a lot of support for mobile at present, they’ve certainly not abandoned their own consoles, as they’ve made clear from the very start. Miyamoto commented on this as well, noting that work on consoles will continue as it always has, but also that something has changed for Nintendo: their platforms are no longer “the most popular in the world.” That honor, they’ve realized, now goes to mobile devices, which is what led them to start embracing this new form of gaming.

“I love hardware platforms and Nintendo will continue to make our own hardware but what’s changed is that there was a time when Nintendo’s platforms were the most popular in the world and now we see smartphones are the most popular device in the world. So we’ll keep looking for opportunities in smartphones and when we see them we’ll design something specifically for that hardware.” — Shigeru Miyamoto

I don’t think anyone can really argue this point these days, what with the sheer level of smartphone users out there in the world, but it’s still good to see that Nintendo has finally acknowledged this fact and moved to take advantage of it. After all the years of denying the power of mobile games, it really does seem like they’ve turned 180 degrees and are fully embracing the potential of the new platform.

What do you think of Miyamoto’s comments on the popularity of Nintendo vs. mobile? Did you ever expect someone from Nintendo, much less Miyamoto, to actually admit that smartphones have surpassed the reach of their own hardware? I have to admit, it certainly caught me by surprise. Let us know how you feel about all this in the comments!

Source: The Telegraph

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