Nintendo Will Reveal Holiday Sales Numbers on January 31st


The holiday season, typically defined as Black Friday through New Year’s Eve, is an immensely important month and a half in the video game industry, and that’s especially true for Nintendo this year. With stock numbers slipping and naysayers claiming Switch has lost its momentum, Nintendo is banking on huge holiday sales numbers.

Nintendo entered 2018 with the goal of selling 20 million Switch consoles for the fiscal year, which lasts from April 1st, 2018 through March 31st, 2019. At the halfway point (September 30th), Nintendo had sold just 5 million Switch consoles. The January – March quarter is not typically a huge sales period for Nintendo, so they’ll need to make up the majority of that 15 million with holiday sales.

Nintendo shared that 20 million projection with investors at the start of the year, and they’ll want to know that Nintendo is on track to reach that goal. Nintendo has just announced that the next quarterly report is scheduled for January 31st, so we’ll be receiving an update then. We know that Switch is enjoying
record-breaking sales and games like Super Smash Bros. Ultimate and Pokémon: Let’s Go are enjoying strong sales, but will it be enough? We won’t know for sure until after March 31st, but next month’s meeting should give us a much clearer picture of how Switch is performing.

Source: Nintendo Investor Relations


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