It was announced last week that Nintendo’s first mobile game will be called Miimoto. The game’s release has been delayed until March next year, although Nintendo had previously stated that they were going to release a mobile game this year. President of Nintendo Tatsumi Kimishima explained that the company wanted to focus on their other games in the lead up to December as it is their largest sales season. He also stated that Nintendo would like to advertise Miimoto at least two months before its release. This means we should be hearing more information about the game in January.

Here’s Kimishima’s full response:

“Until now, we had been communicating that we would begin digitally distributing the smart device application within this calendar year. After reconsideration on when the appropriate timing of the release would be, we have now rescheduled the release to March 2016. Upon releasing an application, we believe it is necessary to communicate about the application at least about two months before its release in one way or another. If the application were to be released in December, it would already be the time to start communicating about the application. Considering our entire business, we have decided to focus our efforts in the dedicated video game business for our largest sales season coming up in December and then inform the public about our first application early in the New Year and release it in March 2016.

“As for the impact on our financial performance for the fiscal year ending March 2016, as we previously confirmed when the initial forecast was released (in May this year), we were not expecting a large impact if the application were to be released in December, since it is a free-to-start type application. Therefore, we expect the impact to be minimal due to rescheduling the release timing of our first application to March 2016.” — Tatsumi Kimishima

Source: Nintendo

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