Nintendo just wrapped up their annual financial briefing with investors, filling them in on the company’s performance over the past year and its plans for the future. As always, this includes a look at Nintendo’s release schedule, highlighting all the games they’ve announced and their respective launch windows.

Based on the current listings, Nintendo and Game Freak look to be trying their best to launch Pokémon on Switch this year. When looking at upcoming games without a concrete release date, there’s a discrepancy between Pokémon and other titles. Most titles are simply listed as “2018” in lieu of a specific day. Bayonetta 3 and Metroid Prime 4 appear to be a little further off, as they’re listed as “TBD.” Pokémon, however, is caught somewhere in between these two categories.

The upcoming game (working under the generic placeholder title of “Pokémon RPG for Nintendo Switch“) is currently slated to launch in “2018 or later.” This isn’t too different from comments Nintendo made when the game was initially teased, but it’s been nearly a year since then. If Nintendo is uncertain about the game’s status with eight months left in 2018, it’s likely that they’re aiming for a holiday 2018 release window but aren’t quite yet prepared to make that commitment to investors.

Source: Nintendo

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