2017 is a big year for Nintendo, in a lot of ways, but the biggest one is no doubt the upcoming launch of their brand new console, the Nintendo Switch. With little more than a month left to go before their portable console hits store shelves, the Big N has just announced that they’ll be using one of the biggest venues of the year to advertise the device: the Super Bowl. Sometime during the event this Sunday, Nintendo will air a brand new commercial focusing on the Switch and The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, which should generate tons of exposure and interest among viewers.

There are two versions of this new commercial: the Super Bowl ad itself, which focuses almost exclusively on Breath of the Wild and the Switch’s portable nature, and an extended version meant solely for the internet that gives a look at many more games and features of the system. Following the success of the initial Switch reveal and the criticisms that arose after their January Switch event, this strikes me as a very wise move. The Super Bowl commercial focuses on the system’s biggest launch game and its primary gimmick, making it clear what the Switch is capable of to new viewers, rather than bogging the message down by trying to communicate how the controllers work or by throwing in looks at other, less-anticipated titles.

In 2016, The Pokémon Company pulled this same move for Pokémon‘s twentieth anniversary, though their commercial was more of a general celebration of the series rather than an advertisement for a specific game or device. That one ended up getting high praise from viewers, but we’ll have to wait and see how well Nintendo’s own fist Super Bowl ad resonates with viewers this time.

Are you excited to see Nintendo pushing their system during the Super Bowl? How well do you think this commercial will perform? You can check out both the commercial and its extended version below, and then leave us a comment with your thoughts!

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